10 Crazy Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Night In

written by Benjamin Wafula 11th February 2015

When you hear Valentine’s Day, the first thing that comes to mind is flowers, chocolates and lunch or dinner dates in fancy restaurants. Well, how about doing something different this year. EatOut highlights below 10 crazy romantic ideas for valentine’s night in.

Poetry night


Not very many people like poetry, especially on Valentine’s night. This is the reason you have to make this a different poetry night, a special one with great ambiance and romantic-feel. Make the rooms appealing with candles and fresh fragrance then proceed to take turns in reading some of the well-rated poems or those you used to be examined for in your school days.




Massages are a sure way to relax and could be a plus on Valentine’s night in. For this to be enjoyable, ensure your hands are warm and well oiled before you begin.

Gaze at the stars



The bustle and hustle of city life rarely offers an opportunity to be amazed by the little but significant things in life. Valentine’s night can be a perfect time to chill at your garden or balcony and just gaze at the stars.



Spread a blanket on the bed with fresh fruit, chocolates, cheese slices and wine and enjoy your time together as soft music plays in the background.

Be cover model



Just for the fun of it, you can be cover models for the night. Take silly paparazzi portraits of yourselves and make a mock-up tabloid cover using your movie star names.

Play cards



With all the time in your hands, you can choose to play cards. To spice it all up, you may choose the direction of the game, for instance the loser bares all, and the winner sees all.

Cook, Bake



If you are not conversant with the necessary cooking and baking skills and techniques, there is always Google and YouTube tutorials to lead you through. In any case, very good memories can be made in the kitchen.

Light it up



Get rid of the normal room ambiance by trying something new. Buy new lamps for the bedroom – something dark and mysterious that lets in little light and induces a romantic vibe. You can also just changes your regular bulbs for soft pink ones that cast a sexy glow.

Dirty dancing



Valentine’s night is an opportunity to “get down”. Get tunes from back in the days that evoke memories of how you met or your dating days and dance to them.

Movie night



With a bottle of wine, chocolates and even popcorn in hand, you can watch a romantic movie and enjoy the night. Let each of you have a say in the movie you pick and either watch both your picks or the most favoured depending with the amount of time available.

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