5 Easy-To-Make Mexican Treats!

written by Fatma Pole 5th May 2014

In honor of Cinco de mayo, here are 5 traditional Mexican foods you can make in the comfort of your home:

Mexican Fruit Punch 'Ponche'


Ponche is a refreshing Mexican fruit punch made by mixing dark-brown unrefined cane sugar, water and cinnamon sticks and a seasonal fruit of your choice i.e apples, oranges, guavas which you then let to simmer . You can also add a little brandy, rum or tequila to spice things up but that is all up to you.

Mexican Cheese Queso fundido

Queso fundido

Queso fundido is simply warm melted white cheese cooked with onions, tomatoes, lime, garlic and hot sauce. You can also add a little tequila to make it  interesting and serve with either chips or tortillas.

Marzipan sweets

Marzipan sweets

The most popular Mexican candy on this day is Marzipan which is made of sugar or honey and almond although different fruit flavors like mango, guava and tamarinds are also available. Chilli can also be added to spice things up.



To make guacamole, you need to mash avocado and then season with onions and citrus juice. You can also choose to add tomatoes, garlic or even chilli depending on how you like it and serve with chips, tortilla or mix into salads.

Mexican stew Menudo


Drinks are also a big part of the festivities and this last meal Menudo is a delicious Mexican stew that is also the perfect cure for hangovers.Menudo is made from cooking together beef, garlic, onions and tripe. You can dress with chiles, more onion, lime and coriander.

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