DIY Valentines Day Ideas

written by Andrew Onyango 11th February 2015

February 14th, otherwise internationally acknowledged as “Valentines Day” is about to strike. On this day we like to believe our emotions and passions are guided by winged babies with magic arrows. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant. Because, if you are in a relationship there is going to be someone in your life waiting to be given a gift of some kind.

Surprise them this year by making them something for them. Here are a few ideas.

Heart Shaped Pizza Chicago Now

Heart Shaped Food

It’s Valentines Day, expect to eat a lot of heart shaped foods. And if it is not food in the shape of hearts then the plates and cups will be. Expect cookies, cakes, pizzas and even chapatis in heart shapes. No, seriously, heart shaped chapatis are a thing… Look! I’m making this one!

Robo Valentines Day Cards

DIY Cards

Remember when you were a kid and you would smear paint on your hands then touch a piece of paper and fold it in half to create a duplicate hand print on the folded halves? Well, let’s bring back our childhood with home-made Valentines Day cards. Remember, it can’t look store bought, even if you are Kenya’s 2nd best graphic designer. It has to look like a 5 year old did it. Why? It’s more fun that way.

Valentines Cake


We have a moist chocolate cupcake recipe which is easy to make just for situations like these. Cake requires no introduction and no convincing. It’s cake! And nothing says love like chocolate cake. The best part of baking your own cake or cupcakes is that you can customize them to suit your loved one. Like put their name on the cupcakes or, for advanced bakers, put their face on it. That way, you can have a laugh about how they are “eating their own face”. No? Not funny? Whatever!



This is pretty straight forward but it requires some effort. You should learn to make their favorite cocktail. It’s going to need a lot of time reading cocktail recipes but it will be worth it. Picture putting a signature cocktail with THEIR name in THEIR hand and they like it! If they don’t like it then you can tell them it was my idea. You can try the Ron Burgundy Scotch Cocktail for him and the Cruz Passion Dawa for her.

You can make your own pretty candles for the big day, if you are making dinner in the house (also an option) or just need a little mood lighting for “grown up time”. The above tutorial is a walk through of how to make a cupcake candle.

Happy Valentines Day!

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