Everything You Need To Know About Bushmills

written by Andrew Onyango 27th November 2014


Everything you need to know about Bushmills can be summarized into two words… “It’s Awesome!”

This single malt whisky is one of the favorites of the EABL Love Whisky Festival 2014. It is a famed drink that has been around since 1608, when the Bushmills patriarch, Sir Thomas Phillips was granted a license to distill by King George.

Over the centuries, Bushmills has grown to be a favorite among whisky drinkers because of it’s characters of malt, dried fruit, mango and apples. The 10 year old single malt actually has notes of milk chocolate, vanilla and fruit. It has a very alluring aroma and rich flavor which is probably why one of Bushmills’ greatest friends and “fellows” is Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins from TLOR).

Elijah Wood and Bushmills

Bushmills is also one of the only premium whiskies with such a close relationship to the arts that it has it’s own musical event called Bushmills Live featuring great bands like The 1975, Of Monsters and Men, Snow Patrol and many more.

Bushmills Live is held live inside the Bushmills Distillery in Antrim, Ireland.

Admit it… You want to go a little! Me too…

You can buy your bottle of Bushmills from the Love Whisky Store.

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