Healthy Lunch Spots In Nairobi

written by Mary Mahinda 7th January 2015

The last one or so months have been all about forgetting diets and work out schedules and just feasting and making merry thanks to the Christmas holiday festivities. Come January and almost everyone has added a kilo or two and we start looking for those work out DVDs’ we discarded or lost in the house and working on a healthier eating plan to ensure we get back on our healthy track.  As we plan to eat out this year and proceed to achieve our desired fit and healthy bodies, here are some healthy lunch spots you must check out.

Healthy Lunch Spots In Nairobi

Salad bar at Simba Saloon

Tamambo Village Market and Tamambo Karen Blixen
Tamambo Village Market and Tamambo Blixen have delicious healthy salads on their menus, and you get to choose from the Chicken Caesar or the Chicken Cobb Salad. Simba Saloon also has a salad bar serving healthy tastes daily.
Healthy Lunch Spots In Nairobi
Tin Roof Cafe

Tin Roof Cafe serves delicious home-made delights such as hotpots and soups as well as delicious salads for those looking for healthier options this new year.

Healthy Lunch Spots In Nairobi

Photo Courtesy of Tripadvisor

Bronze Roof Cafe

Located in a beautiful surrounding in Langata and complete with a great collection of bronze sculptures in the interior, Bronze Roof Cafe has a great salad bar and they also serve delicious crepes, sandwiches and much more.

Healthy Lunch Spots In Nairobi

Ocean Basket

When it comes to healthy eating, you can not go wrong with Ocean Basket! Serving nothing but the best of sea foods and a variety of salad, you should start planning that trip for some juicy seafood treats.

Healthy Lunch Spots In Nairobi


Fogo Gaucho

Famous for their juicy Brazilian steak, Fogo Gaucho, Churrasco Gaucho and Pampa Churrascaria come complete with a salad bar serving up to 20 different healthy salads prepared and supervised by Brazilian cuisine experts in an elegant ambience designed to give you the ultimate South Brazilian experience.

Healthy Lunch Spots In Nairobi

Monikos Kitchen

Serving up an innovative, healthy menu, the restaurant offers the freshest sandwiches on baguettes, wraps and salads using ingredients sourced daily from local farmers.

Healthy Lunch Spots In Nairobi

Healthy Foods Restaurant

Located in the CBD, Healthy Foods Restaurant believe that you are what you eat and are therefore dedicated to provide you with the healthiest options including whole meal foods, fresh vegetables and fruit juices. No red meat, no sugar.

Healthy Lunch Spots In Nairobi

Bridges Organic

Bridges Organic Health Restaurant not only serves the perfect blend of healthy organically delicious meals, but also provides an excellent juice detoxification program and offers a series of free health talks every month making it a must visit for that healthy delicious meal.

Healthy Lunch Spots In Nairobi


Naked Pizza

Imagine enjoying all the goodness of pizza yet sticking to your healthy eating path! Naked Pizza  use a diversity of all-natural, whole food ingredients (their crust is made from 10 grains) with fewer calories and free of added sugar, hydrogenated oil or preservatives.

Healthy Lunch Spots In Nairobi


Seven Grill & Lounge-Village Market are opening a free salad bar to mix and match your perfect combination with an array of varieties all week long as you enjoy your Lunch (MondayFriday) from 11am-3pm



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