How skipping breakfast could make you fat

written by EatOut 27th March 2013

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Eating a hearty and healthy breakfast every morning might just make all the difference in determining your likelihood of becoming overweight, ill or both.

A study done by Imperial College London (ICL) recently found that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day as it trains your senses to want healthier foods and deters cravings for unhealthy binges during the day.

Brain scans were conducted on a group of 21 men and women roughly 25 years old that skipped breakfast on some days and given a full breakfast on the other days.

The group were shown images of various foods each day and asked to rate their desirability after having eaten breakfast or skipped it.

The results showed skipping breakfast tends to trigger activity in parts of the brain that encourage cravings for high-calorie junk foods containing high amounts of processed sugar and unhealthy fats.

However after a full breakfast the participants were much less likely to have such desires and instead stuck to a fairly regular eating plan.

Tony Goldstone of the Clinical Science Centre at the college explained the participants who skipped the first meal of the day were hungry and therefore rated the high-calorie foods as more appealing.

The effects of not eating breakfast can also be long-term as it results in irregularity in eating habits causing individuals to eat more in general which can lead to weight gain, obesity and high cholesterol depending on the choices made.

On the other hand starting the day off the right way with a high-protein and energy-dense meal can help effectively regulate blood sugar levels, tame sugar and fat cravings and promote lasting vitality.


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