Step Into The Wonderful World of Cadbury

written by Mary Mahinda 6th November 2014

Cadbury Release The Joy Competition Kenya

The Cadbury World is a dream come true for Cadbury chocolate lovers and the best thing to happen since the invention of chocolate. Not only do they meet their favorite cadbury characters but they also  get to witness as delicious and artistic chocolate treats are made. This as Cadbury launches their Release The Joy campaign where a lucky chocolate lover will win a free trip for two to their chocolate theme park, Cadbury World, in Birmingham.

Step Into The Wonderful World of Cadbury

Creating a perfect day out venue, Cadbury World ensures you get a fascinating, fun-packed day out with so much to see and do for the whole family. Imagine being caught up in chocolate rain!, well at the Cadbury World you not only get tp learn how your favourite confectionery is made and uncovering the fascinating story of Cadbury chocolate, but you get to play in chocolate rain and add your favourite treat to a delicious pot of warm liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk.

With varied themed weekend, you’ll discover the origins of the cocoa bean (john’s story) amidst trees and waterfalls in the Aztec Jungle, before jumping on board the magical Cadabra ride for a chocolatey ride and meeting the infamous Cadbury drumming gorilla. The best part is learning the history, the making and the magic of Cadbury confectionery and experience the sights, smells and tastes of the place. Step Into The Wonderful World of Cadbury

The Cadbury characters will also get to take you on an adventurous journey in Cadbury’s brand new 4D cinema experience, complete with motion seats. Dive into a bowl of liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk, ride the Crunchie Rollercoaster and take to the skies in a Cadbury Creme Egg airship piloted by the Caramel Bunny! Do not forget to buy your friends and family chocolate gifts at the world’s biggest Cadbury shop after an eventful day at the wonderful world of Cadbury.

How To Win With Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 

Remember that you can win a trip to Cadbury World in Birmingham with Cadbury. All you have to do is buy an 80G Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, request an entry form from the cashier, fill it out, and drop it in the raffle bin. You can also win one of 7 flat screen TV’s, one of 7 surround systems, chocolate hampers or local holidays for two to Naivasha. So get your Dairy Milk today!

Cadbury Release The Joy Competition Kenya


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Farida 12th January 2015 - 8:29 AM

I can`t wait for the draw. When is it? I bought many Cadbury chocolates when the raffle was on.

karen chepkemoi kirui 18th November 2014 - 10:50 AM

i love cadbury !!!!! my favorite chocolate flavor is rum and raisins,it has this taste of wine, i would love to win a trip to the Birmingham. thank you.God bless.


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