Top 5 Seafood Dishes You Can Get In Nairobi

written by Jeannette Musembi 14th May 2014

How many Kenyans are crazy about seafood? I’d say a limited number.

Truthfully speaking, seafood love of the typical Kenyan goes as far as fried Tilapia at Kosewes. Don’t get me wrong, that fish is delicious, but majority of Kenyans lack the spirit of culinary adventure. We like to play it safe.

Our loyal nature, especially to food, kills our ability to venture to new territory. If you count more than 6 Kenyan guys at a Chinese restaurant eating sushi, let me know!

When it comes to seafood, there is definitely a wide variety and there are selections that may win your heart. Fortunately, you can be able to get them right here in the city! You can also experiment with easy guide seafood recipes at home.

Most of the unique seafood like crab, lobster and prawn are readily available at the coast, but as we found out, some restaurants in Nairobi are specialists in seafood cuisine. Check them out!


Tamarind’s Signature Prawn Piri piri 


Reputed to be Nairobi’s leading seafood restaurant, they bring in fresh giant prawns, sweet young crabs, juicy lobsters, squid, octopus and oysters on a regular basis. Out of all these, their well known dish, the prawn piri piri is a favourite among the many diners that sample the restaurant. Succulent, delicious and grilled to perfection, this dish is a must try! Now you can enjoy super ambiance at the newly opened Tamarind branch in the lush and green Karen area.


Seven’s Seafood Lobster Thermidor


Before you ask what thermidor is, here is the dish description. Lobster shells are stuffed with cooked lobster in a creamy white wine sauce, then topped with Parmesan cheese and broiled until golden. Already salivating? Good! Seven Seafood, known for the best seafood selections in town, already has that dish on the menu and we recommend you try it out. They also have other yummy selections to tickle your tastebuds like the Slow Cooked Octopus, seared in white wine, garlic, shallots and parsley. Yum!


Cafe Maghreb’s Friday Seafood Night


Café Maghreb located at Serena Hotel Nairobi features a special ‘Seafood Night’ every Friday, where a wide range of fresh Indian Ocean seafood is cooked on glowing braziers poolside. What’s more, this is a seafood buffet which means you get to indulge in as many selections as possible. It is by far the most popular night at Serena Nairobi. That should tell you something!


Mediterraneo’s Seafood Pasta


The Fusilli alla “Isolana” which is basically Fusili pasta tossed with Prawns, Red Peppers, Onions, Asparagus tips, Cream, Tomato sauce and Red Chili is definitely a winner at Meditterraneo. Known for their speciality Italian cuisine, you get to sample a bit of Italy in Nairobi with an enticing array of authentic seafood dishes.


Mussel Special at Tamambo Village Market 


If you love Mussels then you definitely want to stop by Tamambo Village Market. From Tuesday 13th they have been offering fresh Mussels on the menu, with great seafood and entertainment to match.


Are you willing to try at least one of the selections? Click on the highlights to book online or call us on 0711 222 222. Happy seafood eating!

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