Top 5 Coffee Spots in Karen and Ngong Road

written by Mary Mahinda 24th September 2014

A relaxing hang out and energizing start to the work day are best supplemented with a good coffee. Whether it’s with friends or loved ones, or just a cup accompanied by a good book to pass the time, the experience is even better when in a serene environment. Here are some great coffee  spots in Karen and on Ngong road you should make sure to check out!



Top Coffee Spots in Karen and Ngong Road

Photo courtesy of Marengeti

Artcaffe is a bright, light-filled café famous for its roasted coffees, hearty dishes and mouth watering deserts. There is one located at the Junction shopping mall on Ngong road and another in the leafy Karen suburbs at the Karen shopping centre. Call 0711 222 222 to make reservations at either.




Located at the Junction shopping mall, Dormans Coffee Shops is among the first coffee spots to be established in town seeing them serve superior home-grown Kenyan coffee. Dormans has 60+ years heritage of coffee expertise and provide a vibrant space for patrons to socialize and work.


Nairobi Java House

top coffee spots on Ngong road and Karen

Also among the pioneers of modern coffee spots in town, the Nairobi Java House have their biggest branch at the Junction shopping mall with spacious indoor and outdoor seating, free internet access and ample parking.


Tin Roof Cafe

top coffee spots on Ngong road and Karen

The Tin Roof cafe offers great delights including hot pots of tea, coffee and soups for the chilly days. They also offer healthy and delicious salads. Call (+254) 706 348 215 for reservations.


Dari Restaurant and Coffee Gardens

Top Coffee Spots in Karen and Ngong Road

Dari Restaurant & Coffee Garden Karen

Dari Restaurant is situated in Karen, not far from the City Centre right off Ngong road and next to the Africa Wildlife Foundation. Their large, lush garden is ideal for coffee dates with friends and loved ones or just relaxing on your own. Call 0711 222 222 for reservations.

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