What to Get Dad For Father’s Day!

written by Jeannette Musembi 11th June 2013

In honour of Father’s Day , we’re paying tribute to the men that made us! Whether your dad is effortlessly cool or annoyingly dorky, he’s definitely got enough socks. So why not buy him something excellent? You know he deserves it.

Digital Dad:

Photo Courtesy//http://digitalphotographysecrets.com/

Photo Courtesy//http://digitalphotographysecrets.com/

Techy dads will be in their element on Father’s Day with a new camera to capture all those special moments. If you’re looking to spend a little less on your Father’s Day gift, a night in with a dvd is always a winner.

Dapper Dad

Photo Courtesy//http://georgehahn.com/

Photo Courtesy//http://georgehahn.com/

Dapper Dad likes to have best of everything, have him covered with a brilliant and smart range, or maybe a toiletry bag. Make sure he smells great too and slip in his favourite aftershave.

Action Dad



Thrill seeking Dads will love an out of town experience. Make him an explorer for the day with a safari drive or spend some time together on a gate-away experience.

Joker Dad


Joker dad is happiest with a novelty Fathers Day gift, head to the clothing store to find the perfect silly treat from funky socks to a family guy t-shirt.

Sentimental Dad



If your dad is a little on the sentimental side, there is a brilliant range of Father’s Day gifts he’ll love. From personalized cards to a memory filled photo canvas you’ve got it covered.

Green Dad

tomato plantling


Check out local flower stores for a great range of plants for the green fingered dad.  From bonsai to bay trees, they are a great range for him to nurture as they grow.

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