Top Spots for Your Next Book Club Meeting

written by Yummy Team 23rd May 2019

So many books, so little time right? Friends make everything better and when it comes to consuming the many volumes of books that are out there, it’s always easier with a book club. Where to have your book club meetings is the big question. The ingredients for a book club meeting place should be cosiness, warmth and an intimate feeling to the place. We’ve found places where you can go for your next book club meeting within Nairobi. The fact that some of these places also have wine doesn’t hurt.

Ankole Grill

What better way to start your morning than having a book club meeting to discuss your favourite Michelle Obama anecdote from her new book? Ankole Grill is perfect for book club meetings and we suggest heading there early in the morning to enjoy the bliss before the place starts buzzing.


Boho Eatery

Boho Eatery is the kind of place you go to when you want a little homely feeling. It is an artsy space with a fireplace as well and the warmth gets to you despite the chilliness you might feel. The fireplace area has great couches where you can sit, eat or drink, as you nominate the next book to read.


Geco Cafe

One of their reviews reads, ‘intimately small yet culinarily large’. This is one of the top coffee shops in Nairobi and the fact that they stock books for guests makes it the one place you want to have your book club meeting. We also recommend heading here a little early in the morning so that you get lost in the rustic-setting and warmth of the place with your friends.


Java House Rosslyn

If you lived in Nairobi long enough, you’ve most definitely been to a Java House. Quality food and coffee are what you’ll find there and the Java House at Rosslyn Riviera Mall offers more than just that. It’s cosy, warm, quiet and the perfect place for a book club meeting.


Kesh Kesh

‘Eritrea in Nairobi’ has a nice ring to it. This restaurant roasts their coffee through a process called ‘Kesh Kesh’ where they draw their name from. As you dig in on that discussion about which book to read next, let the aroma of roasting coffee light up your mood. Have you been sold yet on taking your next book club meeting there? We hope so.


Monikos Kitchen

Monikos Kitchen


They have a carefully curated wine list and a chic menu. If you’ve read Gabrielle Union’s ‘We Need More Wine’ then perhaps this is where you should head to pay homage to that book as you enjoy an appetizing meal as well. Your book club meeting just found a new home.


Shamba Cafe

Cosiness is one of the defining words of Shamba Cafe. They have a fireplace (tada!), couches you can sink into as well as bonfire evenings on certain days. A book club meeting would be fun being held there and the conversations would flow nicely. If you’re the one organizing it, your friends will thank you profusely. Yes, you’re welcome.


Sierra Brasserie

Burgers anyone? Their burgers are to die for and since we love a little wine, order a fine bottle of wine from them. Craft beers are also becoming the new norm in Nairobi and Sierra also have that. Imagine getting all this package in one place! The ambient setting at Sierra Lounge will make you come back again. Take your book club meeting to Yaya Centre and you’re good to go.


Honourable mention

Pharley’s Cafe @ Spinners Web

Is it us or does the name Spinner’s Web sound like the title of your next fiction book? The restaurant located at the heart of Spinner’s Web is Pharley’s Cafe. Spinner’s Web is the biggest handcraft shop in Nairobi and it’s a beautiful space filled with craftwork and bookshelves which make holding your book club meeting there more magical.


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