10 Wine Varieties You Should Know!

written by Yummy Editorial 7th August 2015
10 Wine Varieties You Should Know
Medium bodied but still crisp. Dry but very fruity – flavours go from to melon to plum to peaches depending on climate where the wine was produced. In an oaked chardonnay, the wine tends to be buttery, smoky and sometimes with hints of caramel
Sauvignon Blanc
Light and extremely crisp. Dry with lime and green fruit flavours with hints of greenpepper. Often described as grassy in colour. Depending on the region, can also display notes of vanilla
Chenin Blanc
Light bodied, high acidity wine. Similar to sauvignon blanc and pinot gris except for the fact its grown for making both sweet and dry wines. Flavours range between berries, passion and mango. Good choice for those wanting to ease their way into wine.
Pinot Gris
Light bodied crisp and dry. Similar to Sauvignon blanc in terms of having a good balance between apples, pear flavour and citrus. Easy drinking perfect for warm summer afternoon.
There are many types of rosé or blush wines from Pinot Noir and Shiraz Rosé wines to Grenache and Tempranillo Rosé wines. Rosé wines often display a flavors of strawberry, citrus and melon with the drier wines being tannic like red wines and the sweeter ones being more fruity and sugary. They are great on their own or with spicy or boldly flavoured food.
10 Wine Varieties You Should Know
Carbernet Sauvignon
Full bodied, dry wine. Oakiness can be felt but wine is still very fruity – mainly dark fruit flavours like black currant, black berries and hints of vanilla
Stone fruit flavours like plum, darker fruit like black berries and currants with notes of bell peppers. Rich, velvety medium to full bodied dry wine. Normally very floral in aroma. Less tannins than a Cabernet Sauvignon, it is overall a very modest wine, with a nice smooth finish
Also known as Shiraz, Syrah is known for its spiciness. It is a bold, full-bodied wine, with dark fruit flavours and notes of black pepper and medium oak. It is a complex wine that never lets thrill seeking taste buds down.
Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir posses the flavours of lighter fruits such as cherries and strawberries and is very floral on the nose. It has a lighter body than the three making it easy to drink across all seasons – particularly for red wine lovers in the summer.
Although the grape is from France, Malbec is Argentina’s proudest red wine export. This dry red wine is a full, luscious wine often with floral and earthy aromas and offering flavours of darker fruits such as blackberries and blueberries. If oaked, Malbecs can have traces of vanilla and cocoa in flavour and smell.

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