1,000 Pack Of Beer Unveiled!

written by Faiza Hersi 5th June 2017

Ever gone for so many beer runs that you wished you could by 1,000 beers at a go? Well, thanks to Nokia Panimo, it is now a reality in Finland! It started off as a joke by a Finnish brewery Nokia Panimo to one up a rival brewery, Karjala, that was selling 100 packs of lager.


The hilarious idea was to begin selling 1,000 packs of their Keisari beers at about $2,356! At the moment, the massive 1,000 pack of Keisari beer is only available at K- Supermarkets across Finland and the packs not sold will be sold in smaller packs by the stores.


The smaller packs are somewhat less exciting theoretically, but oh well! Beer, is beer and the more, the merrier! It really doesn’t matter how many you bring back from your beer runs, as long as there’s enough beer to go around!


Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to order a 1,000 pack of your favourite Kenyan beer straight to your doorstep for a party? East African breweries, take notes!

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