What to Eat for The ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale Viewing Party

written by Yummy Team 18th May 2019

We’ve watched the show for 8 seasons and it’s time to say goodbye. It has been an emotional rollercoaster and I’m sure we all can’t wait to see who finally gets to sit on the coveted iron throne. Sunday 19th May and Monday 20th May will be one for the books so if you’re hosting a couple of friends for that finale, we’ve got you sorted. You can easily order these light foods and desserts from UberEats and your nearest supermarket.

Meals and Snacks


Who doesn’t love tearing into a good beef or chicken shawarma? You can order tasty ones from Sofra Restaurant located at Village Market and get them delivered to your home.

available on UberEats


Pork ribs, anyone? When the character you’ve been rooting for finally gets to sit on the throne, celebrate with some ribs that you can get from The Node.

available on UberEats


This is also another perfect snack to have during your ‘Game of Thrones’ viewing party. Order some from Clay Oven and you won’t be disappointed, unless of course ‘Game of Thrones’ lets you down.

available on UberEats

Spring rolls

This the meal you have when you want to calm down and remind yourself that it’s just a TV show. Order your spring rolls from 7-DAY Chinese Restaurant.

available on UberEats


Samosas are for all occasions and therefore they shouldn’t miss in your viewing party. These are the snacks no one will complain about and you can get amazing ones from JNK Takeaway.

available on UberEats


As we think of a clever way to tie fries to Danaerys Targaryen frying people in Kings’ Landing, order yours from Snack Attack. The serving will be enough to see you through the night.

available on UberEats

Chicken wings

I guess one way to bid our favourite characters goodbye is by having chickens as we see them ‘fly away’ from the show. We love chicken wings from Joe’s Atlanta Wings so make sure you order some from them.

available on UberEats


Nachos have been known to make days perfect thanks to the cheese and how awesomely they are made. We suggest getting yours from Burrito Bar and order through Uber Eats.

available on UberEats


For those tense moments in the show, munch on some meatballs. Yes, the finale will be pretty intense. Get them from Cipressi Italian Restaurant.

available on UberEats


Bastard Baker

As you discuss the fan theories that didn’t materialize and the poor character development, have some dessert. The Bastard Baker’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Basket filled with nothing but goodies. They also make deliveries.

order your basket on their Instagram page.

Java Love Cookies

The best thing to munch on as you wait to see who will sit on the Iron Throne is these delicious cookies. Get the macadamia nut flavour or keep it simple with the heart-shaped cookies.

available at Chandarana and select Java outlets. 



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