This Edible Water Bubble Could Be The End Of Plastic Water Bottles!

written by Faiza Hersi 12th June 2017

From plastic bottles to edible water bubbles… This could be the game changer in creating an eco-friendly world! They are referred to as Ooho bubbles and you can bite right through and drink with no waste left behind!

Skipping Rocks Lab in the UK developed these edible bubbles and even claim that they cost less to produce than plastic water bottles & could work similarly for soft drinks! The bubbles are made with a seaweed extract, and are completely biodegradable! Furthermore, it has the consistency of a jell-o shot!

The Ooho bubbles are still in the crowdfunding stage but they aim to make their mark in music festivals like Glastonbury and events like the London Marathon.

Could this be the future way of drinking water? It sounds cool enough for me to try!

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