History’s Oldest Dessert: The Donut

written by Faiza Hersi 13th June 2017

The donut is possibly the oldest dessert on the entire planet having been developed over two thousand years ago. Back then, it was a Greek dessert with the name Loukoumades. These are similar to what we call Donut Holes today, made from deep-fried yeasty dough, soaked in honey!

According to ancient Greek poets, the loukoumadas were one of the first prizes awarded to winners of the Olympic Games dating back to 776 B.C. They were depicted as “honey tokens” according to ancient poet Callimachus, making them the first-ever recorded dessert in the history of our planet!

Since then, the recipe spread across the globe into Turkey, Egypt, Persia and even Italy! Today, the recipe has spread across the world and is made in variations! So the next time you bite into your traditional variation of the donut, you know you will be biting into a piece of history!

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