The ShoeShi Chef

written by Faiza Hersi 3rd July 2017

From Air Jordans covered in Swarovski Crystals, to crafting raw fish kicks that look good enough to eat, the world is full of creatives! But you’re never going to meet a more creative one than this! Meet ShoeShi Chef Yujia Hu, from Milan, Italy. The man behind the ShoeShi sushi delicacies that has sneaker heads raving!

He combines his passion and profession in an unpredictable way. Each shoe is created as sushi in its special style mimicking the original in a miniature and edible way. Where does his inspiration come from, you may wonder. To answer that, in his own words: “I love making Sushi, I love art. Bam! Combine that, I love my job!”

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He started to experiment with sushi art about a year ago by using seaweed and pink fish and then tried his hand at Sushi Shoes (Shoeshi) creating sneakers with their unique designer features. And it did not stop there! Not only did this sushi chef begin to incorporate sneakers into his sushi crafting, but he also started to incorporate Streetwear, NBA Players and Pop culture into his sushi creations too!

tmz.com tmz.com tmz.com

So the next time you’re in Milan looking for something exciting to eat, you can try this cool sushi spot out at Sakana Sushi, Milan!




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