A Palate-Lift For Your Kuku Kienyeji: 4 Awesome Marinade Recipes

written by Anthony Mbugua 11th July 2019

Yes, that’s right, we’re giving your kuku kienyeji a facelift (we’re calling it a palate-lift, don’t argue, let’s go with the flow here) with marinade recipes. The free-range chicken is arguably the best meal you will have while here. You can have your kuku kienyeji as a stew with a meal such as pilau, ugali, or even place the chicken pieces in your sandwich. What a marinade does is sip into your chicken and add all those flavours so that by the time it cooks, it will be as if you’re having four meals in one.

Barbecue Marinade


If you’re grilling your kuku kienyeji, you should consider this recipe. The barbecue sauce in this marinade will make your chicken tastier. It’s also important to let the chicken marinate for a longer period of time, if you’ve got the time, for the tastebuds to fully enjoy this one.

Get the recipe: barbecue marinade

Tandoori Chilli Marinade

You’ve enjoyed tandoori chicken before but have you considered what goes to making this tasty dish? Kuku kienyeji taken with chilli is exactly what we’re going for here but we’re subtle about it. The yoghurt and the garam masala will make it worthwhile. That’s why we’re all about marinating your chicken using this recipe.

Get the recipe: tandoori marinade 

Beer Marinade

When we mention beer in cooking or any other alcohol for that matter, we know it’s going to be a yummy meal. We want you to try marinating your kuku kienyeji using your favourite beer. If you’re unsure, just use dark beer. Switch things up in the kitchen using this marinade recipe and your kuku kienyeji will be the talk of the town (or apartment).

Get the recipe: beer marinade

Soy Sauce Marinade

We use soy sauce for almost every meal out there so we know you’ve probably used this marinade before. You can use Worcestershire sauce but your go-to soy sauce will also work. You just need to be keen on the flavours and your kuku kienyeji will taste just as amazing.

Get the recipe: soy sauce marinade

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