4 Simple Microwave Oven Recipes

written by Anthony Mbugua 30th April 2019

A microwave oven is more than just the thing that warms your food and occasionally defrosts your chicken. We’ve compiled recipes of simple meals that are quick and easy to prepare over the microwave oven.

Meatloaf in a mug

Photography by Betty Crocker

Meatloaf can be enjoyed during dinner or lunch. It’s amazing how you can find a way to fit cheese into this meal but we’re not focused on cheese right now.

Get the recipe: meatloaf in a mug




Microwave Potato Crisps

Photography by Unsplash

Potato crisps are a great snack. You can have them during a road trip, at home on a lazy weekend, or when you simply want to have something quick that isn’t boring and won’t cost as much.

Get the recipe: microwave potato crisps





Chocolate mochi mug cake 

Photography by Pinterest

A mug cake is quick and easy to prepare and definitely something you should be having for breakfast. It will take you less than five minutes to prepare this and you will realize you already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen.

Get the recipe: chocolate mochi mug cake




Microwave caramel popcorn 

Photography by Unsplash

Who doesn’t love popcorn? Caramel popcorn is great for when you want to add flavour to your usual popcorn. If your friends are coming over for say, a viewing party, this will be the perfect snack to quickly prepare for them.

Get the recipe: microwave caramel popcorn



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