Looking for A Flavourful Sweetener? Try These 4 Simple Syrup Recipes

written by Anthony Mbugua 27th August 2019

Sugar, spice and everything nice. These are the words that not only describe the Power Puff Girls (thanks Professor Utonium!) but also the simple and easy to make syrup recipes that we have.

We’ve got a syrup for each of the everyday beverages and drinks that we take and a bonus one for pancakes. Cooking is a beautiful and experimental experience which means that you can substitute one of these syrups for one of your ingredients in the kitchen.

pancake syrup recipe illustration image

Photography by Unsplash (for illustration purposes only)

Breakfast without a pancake is rare and so on those many days when you’re making pancakes and you just don’t feel like using store-bought maple syrup, you can replace it with your own homemade syrup. The kids can help you make this as you prepare the pancakes they love.

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For illustration purposes only. Photography by Unsplash.

Every Monday morning (and on so many other mornings), we thank the food gods for the gift of coffee. Unless you’re just adding spoonfuls of sugar, getting the right sweet taste for coffee might be a tad difficult. Forget all of that for now and make your own sweetener with a twist!

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Masala chai illustration photo by Unsplash

Masala tea, also known as masala chai, is the fancier version of ordinary tea. You can go an extra mile and make the sweetener for this beverage even fancier. Try the ginger syrup and see how that pans out.

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simple cocktail syrup recipe reference photo by Drinking Hobby

Photography by Drinking Hobby.com (for illustration purposes only)

Is it Friday yet? As if we ever needed a reason to down a glass or two after work. When making your cocktails at home, here’s a suggestion; spend even less by at least making one of the ingredients and that’s the syrup. Yes, once your friends discover your little tricks they might turn your home into their new happy hour spot but who cares, it’s all about having a good time (responsibly so!).

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