5 Amazing Health Benefits of Avocado

written by Leroy Buliro 22nd August 2018

Rich in nutrients, delicious and satisfying, avocados are known to be superfoods packed with anti-ageing, disease-fighting antioxidants and nearly 20 different vitamins and minerals. A solid reason to include them in your everyday diet. More to these, avocados have more health-related benefits which include:

1. Boosting satiety

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Including foods rich in fats in your diet, will keep you fuller for longer as they help slow down the stomach emptying process. Avocados provide about 22 grams of fat each and are considered, through recent studies,  the perfect meal to give one satisfaction and appetite after eating them. Adding an avocado to your diet will reduce your desire to eat for up to 5 hours.

2. Waist reducers

It is a known myth that goes around, “eating fat will consequently make you fat.” This is not so as eating the right type of fat is actually a shrewd weight-loss strategy. Avocados, a good example of plant-based fats, are antioxidants and fight inflammation which are both linked to weight management. If you are trying to keep your waist in check, a good slice of avocado will definitely assist you with your quest even without eating fewer calories.

3. They protect your heart

Avocado bar

Avocados are also a good source of potassium, a nutrient that helps reduce blood pressure. They do this by sweeping excess sodium and fluid out of the body. This together with its anti-inflammatory properties help to lower the risk of heart disease

4. They’re not just for savoury dishes

Guacamole is perhaps the best-known way to enjoy avocados, but did you know you can include it in sweet dishes. Whip it into fruit smoothies, add it to fruit tacos and substitute it for butter when baking. Just swap a tablespoon of butter with half a tablespoon of avocado in recipes like brownies and cupcakes. By doing this, you’ll have slashed the number of calories and upscaled the nutritional quality of your goodies, and still, have that creamy texture that will leave you feeling satisfied.

5. Nutrient boosters

Avocado bar

In a recent study, it was found that eating avocado alongside salads increased nutrient absorption of other nutrient based foods. Pairing avocado with tomato sauce and carrots boosts absorption of the veggies’ vitamin A, a key nutrient needed for healthy skin, vision and immunity.


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