5 animals humans eat alive!

written by EatOut 28th March 2013

We all love fresh food but just how fresh does it have to be? Certain cultures are taking this to the extreme and resulting to eating animals alive! Here is a list of 5 of these unlucky specimens who fall victim to our culinary pleasures.

1)      Octopus: ‘Sannakji’ a Korean delicacy is live octopus that is either prepared whole with arms still squirming and wriggling or cut into small pieces. Diners of this dish enjoy the fresh taste of the meat as well as the sensation of the suction cups on the arms of the octopus sticking to their mouth and throat as they eat it. Make sure you chew carefully to avoid being choked by your dinner!

Sannakji [Photo/lifestyle.yahoo.com]

2)      Fish: A special kind of Japanese sashimi called ‘Ikizujuri’ involves filleting the fish without being killed and served with the heart still beating and the mouth still gasping. The fish are sometimes even returned to an aquarium and to swim around for a little while and recover for a second course!

Ikizujuri [Photo/torpedotheark.blogspot.com]

3)      Frog: Ever thought about frog sashimi? This meal traditionally is served with most of the animal dead but begins by eating the frog’s fresh heart which is still beating! Popular host of ‘Bizarre Foods’ on Travel Channel, Andrew Zimmern said that despite all the strange things he had eaten he had never eaten anything that moved so much!

Frog heart [Photo/abram22.com]

4)      Shrimp: In China shrimp or prawns as we know them are a popular choice. A favourite dish is called ‘Drunken shrimp’ where the crustaceans are doused in a strong liquor to make that makes them drunk and less likely to put up a fight. Usually a plate covers the dish to prevent the shrimp from leaping out.

Drunken shrimp [Photo/sanbiki-restaurant.blogspot.com]

5)      Sea urchin: Prized for their fishy roe and flesh these spiny echinoderms are often eaten raw with some people preferring to eat they as soon as they are cut open with scissors to get passed the protective spears.

Sea urchin [Photo/voices.yahoo.com]

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Richard Trillo 29th March 2013 - 12:27 AM

What a disgusting post, guys! Who would want to eat live animals in this way? I mean – give us a break. This isn’t “weird” or “exotic”, it’s just cruel. Down on the coast, people are practically hysterical because a few individuals of the world’s biggest fish are going to be kept mildly captive for a few months while humans swim near them? And you’re proposing it might be acceptable to eat fish live?

Yummy 29th March 2013 - 7:17 AM

Hi Richard, We are not suggesting it is acceptable at all. We are simply sharing it to let people know about practices that happen around the world.

Tahir 29th March 2013 - 9:23 AM

Hi Richard, I think you have a good point. I would also like to hear more about the fish in captivity down the coast. Are they kept there just for tourism and the thrill of swimming next to them? I think yummy.co.ke should do an peice about it.


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