5 Awesome Things You Can Do With Wine Glasses

written by Yoga David 22nd May 2014

Do you have wine glasses in your house that you have never used because you’re always replacing them with new ones?

Rather than letting them stay locked up in a cellar somewhere in your home, why not be creative and make some use of the wine glasses?

Your guests are sure to be impressed, on top of that you earn some home-making points for innovative design work and of course you save yourself some hard earned cash to buy that oven you’ve always wanted.

Check it out!

1. Glitterise them

Glitterise wine glass


Get the tutorial here.


2. Turn a wine glass into a planter.

glass planter


Get the tutorial here.


3. Turn them upside down to create an instant votive holder.

glass instant votive holder.



4. Glue a plate to a wine glass to make a cake stand.

glass cake stand


Get the tutorial here.


5. Create a chandelier from wine glasses.

wine glass chanderlier


This is for the most ambitious of DIYers. Get the tutorial here.


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