5 Beer Facts You Didn’t Know About

written by Njoroge Muigai 2nd October 2013

We have interesting beer facts that will blow you away:

1. Brewing is for Women

Historically, beer brewing was very important and a noble task for women!Now you get why it is mostly women who own and run chang’aa dens in Kenya;it is in their genes.

In societies such as Peru, breweries were staffed by high class women. They either had to be of noble birth or extremely beautiful.

 Visit a-fitspirational-blonde.tumblr.com

Visit a-fitspirational-blonde.tumblr.com

The correct term for a woman who brews beer is BREWSTER.

2. Most expensive beer is found in London

The most expensive beer is sold at $1,000 per bottle. It is known as the Vielle Bon Secours and is sold in one bar found in England, Bierdrome.



 3. Types of Beers

Apparently there are over 400 types of beers with Belgium having the most individual beer brands.


4. The first DUI was in 2000 BC

This was in ancient Egypt where a chariot ‘driver’, apparently known as a charioteer, was apprehended after a hit and run incident involving a vestal virgin of the goddess Hathor.



If you thought the current traffic fines in Kenya are punitive wait till you hear what happened to this culprit >>> He was crucified on the door of the tavern that sold him the beer and his corpse hanged there until bones were the only remnants.

5. Famous Beer Quote or Misquote?

Beer is proof that God loves us” This was said by none other than Ben Franklin one of the founding fathers of the USA.



There is however strong debate as to which alcoholic drink Mr.Franklin was referring to as opposing arguments say it was in reference to wine. The debate rages on.

This is quite humorous coming from  the man  who discovered electricity and also gave other ‘deep’ quotes like:

“If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.” ~ B. Franklin


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