5 Best Fried Chicken Spots In Nairobi

written by Hinal Shah 4th June 2015

Fried chicken is an essential part of the fast food experience not only in Nairobi but world over. Looking for some that taste great? We made a list for you so you know just the place to get the best in Nairobi!

Chicken Inn
Chicken Inn is of course  famous for its fried chicken and a wide range of other menu items including chips, chicken and burgers. The brand has incredible offers and also incorporates fun meals for the kids at pocket friendly prices.

chicken inn


Galito’s has been around for a while and is easily accessile given the numerous outlets around Nairobi. They offer a great selection of grilled chicken and healthy salads to accompany your meal

5 Best Fast Food Fried Chicken Spots In Nairobi


KFC is the largest international chicken franchise that has been serving the world famous Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe for over 60 years. They opened the first ever drive thru in Nairobi enabling motorists on the busy Mombasa road to enjoy their KFC chicken on the go.
KFC Fast Food Chains in Nairobi

Kenchic Inn
Also very popular around Nairobi with numerous outlets making it very accessible and with a very pocket friendly menu.

5 Best Fast Food Fried Chicken Spots In Nairobi

Mc Fries
A cheaper option for those that want to grab a quick and affordable piece of fried chicken and chips.

5 Best Fast Food Fried Chicken Spots In Nairobi

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