5 Drinks And Food To Binge On While Bingeing On ‘House of Cards’

written by Yoga David 7th March 2014

[pic// www.winetimes.co

[pic// www.winetimes.co

We know for a significant number of Kenyans, February 14, 2014 was more than just Valentine’s Day.

The day’s primary significance may not have been Valentines at such i.e for singles out there, but also for the release of the full second season of House of Cards.

What’s House of Cards? Incase you’ve just landed from mars you can just stop reading now and hit yourself with a big brick for not watching one of the best shows on television at the moment.

Everyone else who have watched, why not get in the spirit with these five-theme food and drinks. Related to House of Cards [Warning: there could be some minor spoilers.]


“Clean water,” of course, since the “Clean Water Initiative” was or rather is Claire Underwood’s baby. Water is a rather a boring party libation, you’ll thank us later, given the salty foods and other less salubrious beverages that are going to follow on this list below.


More particularly, a steak of “soy-fed Nagasaki beef,” which goes for “200 dollars a pound,” or so said Raymond Tusk in season 2, episode 8. At that price, you won’t throw your steak in the pool to be fetched by a dog like the way Frank did, but then again, a seasoned cow flesh has always been most people Achilles heel.

Apple Pie.

"A slice of pie is good for the soul."

“A slice of pie is good for the soul.”     [pic/Christopher

Given that House of Cards is calculatedly heavily Americanized version of the original British series, the symbolic use of apple pie is exceptionally appropriate. The President’s stressed relationship with the First Lady is fittingly revealed in their extremely tense exchange at Frank and Claire’s house over his refusal to eat a pie.


When the going gets tough in Washington, the big boys tend to hammer the hard stuff. The libation of choice is a brown spirit, most often known as bourbon; this is a natural choice for Frank. You’re advised don’t just drink a whole bottle with your friends and break into your alma mater.


Why can't Freddy's BBQ Joint exist in real life?

Why can’t Freddy’s BBQ Joint exist in real life?        [pic/Dan

It’s not shocking, season one was peppered with mouth-watering scenes where Congressman Frank Underwood is seen chewing down on the house special pork ribs at Freddy’s BBQ Joint. In season two, the relationship between Frank and Freddy intensifies, where Frank at one point even commands Freddy to serve ribs to the President. With that a the barbecue grows even more alluring.


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