5 foods to help get rid of that headache!

written by EatOut 3rd April 2013

For most people, reaching for pain killers is the automatic response when dealing with an aching head.

This is not always the healthiest option so if trying to steer clear of popping those pills try these fresh produce alternatives instead.

1)      Potato: we have all woken up with a hangover from hell and felt the full force of the greasy fast food cravings. But instead of fries try a baked potato instead, the high potassium content in the skins of baked potatoes (600mg!) helps to alleviate bad headaches.

2)      Bananas: high in both potassium and magnesium this tasty fruit works wonders on your aching head. The calming effects of the magnesium are a huge help.

3)      Watermelon: a lot of headaches are caused by dehydration; try water-rich fruit like watermelon to give you a big boost as well as a healthy serving of potassium and magnesium.

4)      Pineapple: containing the natural enzyme bromelain; a natural pain reliever; pineapple boasts inflammatory properties that can also help get your head right.

5)      Cucumber: cucumber can also help cut out dehydration as they are composed of 95% water. This is a perfect choice for a fresh headache-fighting snack.


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