5 Back to School Snacks You’ll Relish

written by Anthony Mbugua 29th April 2019

This holiday flew by so fast huh? It’s already time to head back to school and start that life we consider dreary. A wise man once said that everything is always better with food in your belly. Even though we might not actually know who this wise man is, we agree with him and we’ve, therefore, come up with the snacks you need while cracking that math. They’re easy to get, some easy to make and you will absolutely relish them.

Peanut Butter Ham Sandwich

This is one of the easiest snacks to fix. You’ll need two slices of bread, a tablespoon of peanut butter and two slices of ham. You can have this while travelling to school or after classes. You can also have this sandwich before class. A peanut butter ham sandwich also gives you the option of layering it the way you want and adding a few more ingredients like lettuce.


Fruit smoothie

Delicious smoothies your kids will loveIf there’s one thing I know for certain is that you can never go wrong with a smoothie. It can be a simple as freezing your favourite fruit pieces and adding milkshake later. You can pack this in a mug and sip as the day goes by to take away your blues. You can also garnish your smoothie with granola or replace milkshake with yoghurt.



At one point in your life, you have had mandazi. Back on campus, I use to take them for breakfast. They’re easy to prepare and you can always have them at any time of the day. Skipped lunch? Have them in the evening after class before you decide on what to eat. You can snack on mandazi with juice or any other beverage unless it’s alcohol.


  Dried fruit or nuts

Cashew Nuts [Photo/beautynglam.blogspot.com ]

Make sure to visit Healthy U before heading off to school and pick your dried fruit. Mangoes are my favourite so I’m definitely encouraging you to get dried mangoes and you’ll thank me later. Nuts and fruits also have nutritional value and you can add them to other meals.




source: cupcakesandkalechips.com

Vanilla cupcakes anyone? Cupcakes are a sweet tooth’s best friend because let’s admit it, we need that sugar rush every now and then. You can make as many as you want and you can also have them with quite a number of beverages. Cupcakes are also good dessert treats.


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