5 Restaurants to Enjoy a Koroga in Nairobi

written by Lucy Munene 8th July 2019

You can’t pass a month without going to a koroga with your friends in Nairobi. Koroga means ‘stir’ in Swahili which roughly explains the concept. Korogas are an outdoor dining experience where a variety of food is cooked in semi-private huts. In the same way that Kenyan culture and Indian culture coexist within the country, the food cooked during a koroga is a combination of Kenyan and Indian staples. Nyama choma and kachumbari will feature in a koroga spread right next to paneer and butter chicken. More often than not ready-to-order starters, cooking materials and drinks are provided. Though there might be a dispute as to exactly when korogas became a thing in Kenya, the nature of coming together to eat and drink is inherently Kenyan. 

Mint Shack

This is the perfect place to have a small koroga with a view of Karura forest. Let the breeze carry the smell of your feast as you sit back and relax to the sounds of meat grilling.  


Caribea is the best place for a large group. With bandas big enough to accommodate 30, a Barcadi bar and enough grilling stations, this is the ideal place to experience korogas on a larger scale.

Spice Roots

Spice Roots embodies the modern koroga which features a combination of Kenyan and Indian cuisine. Enjoy your nyama choma with a side of expertly cooked kebabs and extra spicy naan. 

Mystique Gardens

Not from the X-Men movies but an actual koroga restaurant in Nairobi. Their menu mostly consists of Indian cuisine so expect lots of flavour and vegetarian dishes.


If you can’t make it to any of the aforementioned places then with a quick phone call, the koroga can come to you! All you have to do is set up your plates and call up your friends, they’ll do the rest. 

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