5 Manly Foods To Eat This Movember

written by Andrew Onyango 4th November 2014

Shia Lebouf Movember Beard

November is an international month dedicated to men’s health. In fact, it is known as “Movember” because once a year men are allowed to ignore Gillette ads and grow their facial hair. This month a lot of men, even here in Kenya, will be growing their  beards and moustaches or “mo’s” in support of creating awareness about prostate cancer check-ups and men’s health in general.


To help you along your journey of growing a glorious patch of face warming hair, we have put together 5 manly foods you should be eating this Movember.

Grilled Pepper Steak

1. Meats and Other Protein Rich Foods 

This may seem like a horrible recommendation, especially for a month promoting men’s health, but you don’t have to eat the whole cow. Have a few steaks this month though. Hair is made up of quite a bit of protein so you will want to eat protein rich foods this month to grow your facial hair faster. Look at the cavemen, before anyone explained the benefits of spinach to them, they just ate the buffaloes. And they had a lot of facial hair.

ocean basket 3

2. Seafood

It’s a good thing there is an Ocean Basket coming to Nairobi this month. Because we need it. Seafood is actually rich in Zinc which is great for hair growth in general. It also has a great effect on the skin by reducing acne and flaking. Think about it guys… Smooth skin… Epic beards… How can the ladies resist you?

left over rice and beans

3. Beans 

Very few men will get excited when they hear they have to eat beans. Because unless they are made by a mexican woman, beans tend to be bland and cause gas. But in Movember, we are putting aside our differences with beans in favour of thick beards. Beans are rich iron and protein. Which works wonders for hair. But if you really detest beans then you can substitute for pretty much any legume.

Carrots for Movember

4. Carrots 

Did you know that Vitamin A reduces itchy scalp and dandruff? Neither did I! I just found out and it irritates me because it means this month I have to eat a lot of carrots. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A which improves eyesight and makes having hair tolerable by reducing itchiness. If someone can now figure out how to make an aftershave out of it… I’d appreciate it.

Bananas for Movember

5. Bananas 

Finally, a food I can get behind without health concerns attached to it. I will admit it, I am a bit of a banana nut. Must have something to do with the fact that we are descendants of monkeys. Bananas are all about potassium which causes a nice thickness to hair when eaten. So all of you, like me, who look at your forehead in the morning and mourn all the lost real estate due to a receding hair line, now might be the time to add some bananas to your daily diet.

There, now you know what to eat to grow and epic beard. Here are some styles to consider this Movember. And remember to go get checked for prostate cancer. That’s what this hairy month is about!

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