5 of the Weirdest, Ickiest Tacos to Ever Be Made!

written by Anthony Mbugua 14th August 2019

Before you proceed, be warned of two things: they’re wonderfully tasty (according to those who’ve had them) and then, don’t try to replicate them without properly cooking some of the ingredients or it won’t end so nicely for you. Now, are you ready to dive into the weird and irky world of tacos? Our palates and stomachs aren’t built for every meal out there and some of these tacos prove that. Some ingredients in these tacos are available locally so who knows, maybe these aren’t the weirdest tacos ever, huh?

Cow tongue taco aka Lengua

Why would anyone want to ruin a good taco with cow tongue? Maybe they’re actually making it better. Mexicans, like most Kenyan communities, are known to utilize every part of the cow when they’re cooking and cow tongue is one of the parts that aren’t thrown away. I’m thinking you’ll just substitute ground beef for the cow tongue huh? I’ve had this delicacy with my uncles and I have to say it actually tastes good. It’s slightly weird in a taco but, oh well, it’s not like you’re gonna wake up and prepare cow tongue taco for your family.

Ant larvae in taco aka Escamoles

I’m sure I’ve seen people eat escamoles as a challenge on the TV show, Fear Factor. Why is this among the weirdest tacos ever? Because escamoles are actually eggs of giant black ants. When I think of giant black ants, it takes me back in time to when there used to be black ants all over when it rained and they’d attack us as kids. You’d go home after having a playful day, and a small itch would end up revealing a whole lot of these ants on your body. I can’t possibly imagine eating eggs of the same ants.

Crayfish taco aka Acociles

No, you will in no way find this type of taco at Crayfish Naivasha. The crayfish also referred to as ‘freshwater shrimp’ are usually boiled, rolled in tortilla wraps and chilli added for extra flavour. They’re tiny little creatures that are eaten without chopping off their head. Imagine little eyes popping at you when you’re about to down your taco. Ting, ting!

Grasshopper taco aka Chapulines

This is an odd taco but the ‘unique‘ ingredient here is quite familiar to Kenyan communities. In the Western Kenya region, grasshoppers are consumed as a delicacy. Of course, they have to be fried first. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, these grasshoppers would make for an awesome-ish taco. Not sold yet huh?

Beef brain taco aka Sesos

Just like you, I also struggled to get the words to define my reaction to this. This is a special delicacy that makes use of the brains of veal or calf. This delicacy is not restricted to Mexicans. Some French dishes use this as well as Spanish and Italian meals. A brainy taco doesn’t sound like a very good idea though. Slimy is the one thing that keeps popping in my mind.

In the list of weirdest tacos, do you think making omena (anchovies) tacos would fit into this category? What’s the weirdest taco you’ve ever heard of or would want to try?

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