5 Quick Questions with Visiting Chefs at Fairview

written by Tahir 22nd August 2012

Quick Background: Chef Patrice and his son Lionel run a fantastic restaurant and Luxembourg, Belgium. Chef Partrice Marchond heads the hot section of restaurant Le Grillon and his son is a master pastry chef. They will be guest chefs at Pango at the Fairview Hotel until the 25th August.

Chef Lionel

Chef Patrice

1. Belgium is the home of chips – Any cool tips on making fries?

Fry them in Duck Fat and sprinkle fleure de sel (Flower of the Sea – Fancy Salt)

2. What inspires your menu in Belgium?

Patrice: Seasonal Produce and traditional Belgian dishes

Lionel: I like to use herb and fruit combinations like Strawberries and Basil to bring out interesting flavours in my desserts. I also think about recreating traditional Belgian desserts like Dame Blanche, which is very popular in Belgium.

3. Do you have any Asian influences in your dishes?

We some times use Japanese techniques when creating certain dishes.

4. What do you cook at home?

We try to keep it simple, mostly traditional – Belgian Mussels with white wine etc.

5. Finally what are the top 5 must have ingredients in your kitchen?

Fleure De Sel, Butter, Fresh Veg, a good Jam and Mayonaise

Bonus: What ingredients are you looking for in Kenya?





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