5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss The Nairobi Beer Festival

written by Leroy Buliro 28th September 2018

Nairobi’s first ever Beer Festival starts tomorrow and if you are still deciding on whether to attend, we are here to tell you why this is an event you shouldn’t dare to miss!  Should you make your way to Js Fresh Bar & Kitchen in Westlands on 29th or 30th September,  between 12 pm to 8 pm here’s what you’ll experience;

1. Find a beer you will enjoy.

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Do you consider yourself a beer geek. If yes, then this is definitely the event you have been waiting for all year. As a hardcore beer lover, nothing brings pleasure than a two-day event where you’ll get to sip over 40 different beers from 7 countries as you search for your most preferred beer. From Tusker, Guinness, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Desperados, Heineken, Amstel, Alska and many more, including craft beers, all will be available at Nairobi Beer Festival.

2. Learn more about beer.

There’s so much that goes into beer production and there’s no better place to educate yourself than at Nairobi Beer Festival. Tusker is honoured to have a masterclass where you will get the opportunity to experience an exclusive food and beer pairing sessions and even get the chance to go home with your own branded beer souvenirs. If you feel confident enough after the lecture on the beer making process, go home and try out your own home-brewing.

3. Sorely for the bull ride.

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You have probably seen it in movies and wondered how it feels like, riding a dummy bull as your body is thrown in every direction, holding for your dear life. Well, here is your chance to finally tick it off your bucket list. Tag along with your friends and see who is able to hold on for the longest and tame the bull. You might just win a return flight to Zanzibar courtesy of Fly540.com. Don’t forget your cowboy hats!

4. For the gram.

Nothing spells good aesthetic than a good instagrammable photo, and that’s what you’ll get at J’s Westlands while you are in the midst of good company and lots of beer. Pose, snap, post and share it with your friends, show them how the FOMO can be real.

5. Drink the weekend away.

What better way to enjoy the weekend with the crew than cheering with a glass/bottle of beer. One thing is for sure, the beer will not run out. Just remember, DRINK RESPONSIBLY!! We are just getting warmed up for a week of discounted beers bottles and amazing beer-food combos happening at different restaurants across Nairobi.


What are you waiting for, grab your tickets today before they run out.

Do you think you are a beer geek? Find out here.

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