5 Things To Do In Birmingham with Cadbury

written by Andrew Onyango 4th November 2014

Win a trip to the UK with Cadbury Kenya

Cadbury World Birmingham

Cadbury’s Chocolate wants you and a friend to ‘Release The Joy’ with a free trip for two to their chocolate theme park, Cadbury World, in Birmingham.

You can enter this competition by buying an 80g Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. Inside the wrapper you will find instructions on how to proceed. And as you prepare to head off to Cadbury World, we have put together 5 things you can do in Birmingham.

Cadbury World Shoes

1. Cadbury World 

At Cadbury world, it is the realistic equivalent of being in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. They are the geniuses of all things chocolate from chocolate bunnies, to pots, to recreations of prehistoric times and shoes… Yes! Shoes! All made of gorgeous delicious chocolate. Cadbury World in Birmingham is a tourist attraction because it offers visitors a chance to witness their favorite chocolate products be made. It is a glimpse into the master craftsmanship which goes into every individual bite of chocolate.

Birmingham Rep Center

2. The Birmingham Repertory Theatre 

If, like me, you enjoy theatrics and other people acting crazy for your amusement, then catch a show at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. This is a 100 year old theatre which hosts some of the best stage actors in Birmingham doing shows ranging from comedy, to drama, to interpretive dance and remixes of old tales.


Gas Street Basin Birmingham

3. Sail The Birmingham Canals 

Birmingham canals are as long as 100 miles and you can either walk besides them on the pathways for enjoyable views and stunning photo opportunities, or you can hop in a boat (negotiate with the locals nicely) and take a romantic sail down a canal. As you sail, you can soak in history as the canals are surrounded by old buildings.

Teamworks Karting Birmingham

4. GP Karting 

 Sure, we have GP Karting here in Kenya, but any opportunity to drive a tiny vehicle, especially one in a different country, should not be ignored. If anything we can teach these foreigners a thing or two about how to drive in Nairobi.

Birmingham Dome Club

5. Birmingham Dome Club 

The Birmingham Dome Club is definitely one of a kind. A 360 degree screen surrounds the walls and the ceiling of the club so the best way to experience it is to lie down. Imagine being in an Imax Theatre but with the screen all around you. Now that is a fully immersive  experience.

But all of these great experiences will only happen if you Release The Joy. Do it today! Get a 80g bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk and follow the instructions on the wrapper.

Good luck!

We are rooting for you!

How To Win With Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 

Remember that you can win a trip to Cadbury World in Birmingham with Cadbury. All you have to do is buy an 80G Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, request an entry form from the participating retail outlet which you then fill and drop in the raffle bin. You can also win one of 7 flat screen TV’s, one of 7 surround systems, chocolate hampers or local holidays for two to Naivasha. So get your Dairy Milk today!

Cadbury Release The Joy Competition Kenya

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