5 Useful Ways to Enjoy your Monday Morning

written by Jeannette Musembi 14th January 2013


It’s Monday morning and you hate it! It is not even 12 pm yet, and secretly you are already wishing it was the weekend. There are so many thoughts running through your mind. There are decisions that need to be made and it is Monday!

Statistics show that most people tend to get depressed on Monday’s. People hate their jobs, hate their bosses, and hate being stuck in rush hour traffic on Mondays! What stress and anxiety!


Breathe slowly.

Breathe slowly and relax.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, and there should be no reason for us not to enjoy everyday of our lives.

Below are a few tips on how to enjoy Mondays. In fact these tips are great for everyday of the week.

Express Gratitude

Find at least 10 things around you to be grateful for. Today I am happy and grateful for the roof over my head. I am happy and grateful for the friends I had an opportunity to spend time with over the weekend.

Put Things Into Perspective
We have a tendency to worry about things we have no control over. Take a moment to ask yourself what is the worse that could happen? Write a to-do-list and work on completing the most challenging things first. Stop worrying, everything will work out fine.
Guard Your Thoughts
Your thoughts produce your feelings, and your feelings affect your emotions. Take notice of your self talk. The thoughts you hold in your mind about Mondays, will typically manifest themselves in order to reinforce your belief. Whatsoever things are lovely, pure and of good report, think on these things.
Do Something Nice For Someone
The same feeling you have towards Monday’s, someone else is feeling the same way. Pick up the phone and make a call or treat a friend to some coffee.
Live In The Moment

I have a ton of things to get done today. Words to edit and a host of other deadlines that need to be met, but the only time I have is now, and in this moment I am spending it writing this post and thinking about you.  Allow yourself to be totally present to the task at hand. Block out all the distractions and focus.


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