5 Vegetarian Dishes for Thanksgiving

written by Hinal Shah 18th November 2014

It’s that time of the year again to show gratitude to the people in our life and for the things we have in life. That means getting together with family and friends for a great big feast. Why not try something different this time and go meatless for the menu.Or if there is someone that is vegetarian in your get together dinner then you don’t have to worry about catering for them as we have compiled a small list of some vegetarian (meatless) dishes for that Thanksgiving feast.

Eating a meatless dinner on Thanksgiving opens up a world of possibilities. Who knows, meat eaters might even forget the old bird and enjoy the meatless dishes.

acorn squash wild rice stuffing

Roasted Acorn Squash with Wild Rice Stuffing

This meatless meal of acorn squash filled with a hearty stuffing of wild rice, packed with pecans, dried cranberries, and fresh thyme can serve both as a main or side dish. Packed with rich flavors, this vegetarian dish brings fall home, but it can be made any time of year.

winter green lasagne

Winter Greens Lasagne

This vegetarian lasagne is made with layers of kale, chard, ricotta, and crème fraîche creating an irresistible dish. It’s easy to make and nutritious and will make even those who don’t usually get excited by cooking greens enjoy the earthy flavors provided here. Tip: If you can’t find crème fraîche, sour cream is a decent substitute.

Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie1

Sweet Potato and Edamame Shepherd’s Pie

Make this Vegan sweet potato variation on shepherd’s pie as a perfect festive holiday center piece for Thanksgiving. The edamame meld with mushrooms and greens in the creamy sauce create a burst of flavours that make this dish exciting and comforting.

Roasted Fall Vegetable and Ricotta Pizza

Roasted Fall Vegetable and Ricotta Pizza

A great way to use fall veggies in this yummy pizza!

Pappardelle Butternut Squash Thyme Cream Sauce

Fresh Pappardelle with Butternut Squash and Thyme Cream Sauce

A delicate dish of fresh pasta with a rich, creamy sauce and an unexpected garnish of crushed amaretti cookies adding some crunch and Italian zing to the dish.

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