6 Ways To Use Chocolate For Your Skin

written by Mary Mahinda 5th November 2014

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Chocolate is officially my 2014 ‘it’ food!! I mean not only do I get to indulge in this feel good food, but I can also use it to get a glowing skin. Here are several interesting ways you can use chocolate for your skin with more great ways to enjoy your chocolate listed Here.

1. Chocolate body wash and cream or a chocolate bath

6 Ways To Use Chocolate For Your Skin


Use a chocolate body wash and or cream to get a rich extravagant feel or soak in a chocolate bath. This will also leave your skin feeling hydrated and moisturised.

2. Make a home-made chocolate scrub

6 Ways To Use Chocolate For Your Skin


Heat up a mix of coco powder and water and add 2 teaspoons of sea salt to it. Sea salt works as an exfoliator and helps remove dead cells. Then drop a teaspoon of raw milk to this mix and scrub away.

3. Treat yourself to a chocolate mask

6 Ways To Use Chocolate For Your Skin


Heat up 50 grams of chocolate using warm water till it’s in liquid form. Scoop one spoon of this, mix it with one spoon of olive oil and one egg yolk. If you can’t bear the smell of egg, then let it be. Just take the rest of the mix and leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

4. Chocolate wax for soft and supple skin

6 Ways To Use Chocolate For Your Skin


Chocolate wax is made by mixing cocoa, essential oils, glycerin and vitamins. It assists in getting rid of wretched under growth and also works well to remove a horrid tan. This was is said to be relatively less painful and leaving a smoother feel.

5. Chocolate pedicure

6 Ways To Use Chocolate For Your Skin


Imagine your feet getting a Chocolate treat and you walk out of the spa smelling like chocolate all the way down to your toes. Get yourself a chocolate pedicure and give your feet the pampering they need.

6. Chocolate lip balm

6 Ways To Use Chocolate For Your Skin


Get the chocolate flavor and feel lingering on your lips all day long by getting a chocolate lip balm to condition, moisturize, repair, protect and most importantly, make your lips taste and feel nice. You can even make your own chocolate lip balm at home, Here is how.

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