7 Foodie Gifts To Get Your Father

written by Yoga David 16th June 2015

I usually find it notoriously difficult to buy gifts for other men. I don’t know why. But for any Father who loves to cook, grill, or drink, great accessories for the kitchen, grill, and bar can make for perfect Father’s Day gifts. Here are a few gifts that are sure to get your dad in a foodie mood this Father’s Day.

Shun Chef Knife

7 Foodie Kitchen Gifts To Get Your Father

This is a resourceful kitchen knife. It has a stunning look and its sleek yet tough design make it a perfect Father’s Day gift for fathers who love to cook and entertain in the kitchen!

Beer Chiller

7 Foodie Kitchen Gifts To Get Your Father

This innovative beer chiller would make a great gift for your dad, and it’s a perfect way to start with the rather hot June weather. Simply freeze it until it’s ready for use, and when he opens up his next beer, he can use the beer chiller to keep his favourite beverage colder for longer.

 14-Piece Stainless Grill Set

7 Foodie Kitchen Gifts To Get Your Father

Get your father a handsome stainless steel grill set and barbecues at home will never be the same. This is an impressive 14-piece set from Cuisinart and it includes a chef’s spatula, a silicone basting brush, grill tongs, a cleaning brush, and more.

Whisky Stones

7 Foodie Kitchen Gifts To Get Your Father

If your father is a whisky lover, then a set of whisky stones makes a classy gift for him on any occasion. These grey sipping stones preserve the taste of any of his favorite drink. The stones keeps the drink cool without diluting it, like regular ice cubes do.

Esquire Eat Like a Man

7 Foodie Kitchen Gifts To Get Your Father

When a man becomes a Father, he says goodbye to the frozen food, junk and instant meals of his single days. There might really be no rules to eat like a man but if your father loves to cook (or wants to learn), Esquire’s Eat Like a Man book cookbook is what he’ll ever need.

French Fry Cutter

7 Foodie Kitchen Gifts To Get Your Father

Do you want fries with that? If your Father answers, “Yes” to that question every time, then this is the perfect kitchen gadget to add to his collection. This heavy duty fry cutter efficiently cuts potatoes into perfectly sized French fries.

Pizza Peel

7 Foodie Kitchen Gifts To Get Your Father

Having a pizza peel is a dream come true for men who are savvy in the kitchen. This one is the perfect size and shape for making bread and pizza using a pizza stone.

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G 24th June 2016 - 11:41 AM

Great article. Never knew there was some like a beer chiller. Only one problem. You never mentioned where one can purchase these items.

Especially the whiskey stones

caroline 20th June 2016 - 3:52 PM

would have been great getting him some good cooking and anything related with steak

caroline 20th June 2016 - 3:51 PM

would have been great getting anything related to steak n good cooking

e 16th June 2016 - 5:23 PM

There are no links directing the reader to where we can buy these manly gifts. Plus editing was overlooked with the beer chiller. No way is June a hot summery month this side of the equator.


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