7 Israeli Dishes You Must Try At The Shuk Israeli Food & Wine Festival

written by EatOut 23rd February 2018

Happening at DusitD2 Hotel in Nairobi on the March 10th and 11th, is The Shuk: Israeli Food And Wine Festival.

The event promises to showcase a selection of the best food and drink Israel has to offer. During the festival you will taste 20 different Israeli wines and more than 15 Israeli food bitings from 8 food stations made by Israeli chefs. The event is guaranteed to excite even the most seasoned of foodies out there. Here are 7 Israeli cuisines to try out when attending the Israeli culinary event:

1. Falafel

The original vegetarian king of all deep-fried foods is a round patty jam-packed with delicious and health giving ground chickpeas, fava-beans, vegetables and spices. Probably the best-known food of Israel, it is most often served inside a pocket of pita bread, packed with salad vegetables and drizzled with decadently delicious tahini sauce.

2. Labneh

These super creamy cheese balls are made by straining all of the whey from thick Greek-style yoghurt. It can be made from both cows and sheeps’ milk and has quite a strong and tangy flavour profile. The cheese is rolled into balls which end up with a doughy consistency and are served up dipped in olive oil and sprinkled with za’atar spice mix.

3. Flavoured Sea Salts

This special line of flavoured sea salts hails straight from the Dead Sea at a station located a -424 metres below sea level and is of course totally organic from start to finish. The salt crystals come in an array of delightful colours, flavours and smells all of which will inspire any budding cook to get crazy experimental with their cooking adventures.

4. Tahini

This nutrient-packed crushed sesame paste is a ‘must’ in pretty much all Israeli food and an ingredient that the rest of the world is only just beginning to wake up to. When whisked with water, salt, lemon juice, olive oil and if it tickles your fancy some roast garlic or a sprinkle of sumac berry powder, it creates the base for an endless array of flavour-packed sauces, dressings and accompaniments.

5. Shawarma

What sets Israeli shawarma aside from the many versions that exist around the Middle East is its creative layering of chicken, beer and lamb which, when rotated for many hours on a large skewer, fuse together to form an insanely delicious meaty experience. The secret here is in the spices which vary from house to house, shop to shop and city to city.

6. Spice Station

Uncover the cornerstone of the Israeli flavour profiles with these four essential spice combinations: paprika, sumac, za’atar and ras el hanout. No Israeli savoury dish can be complete without them and after having tasted their various incarnations at the other stations it will be impossible not to want to take some home to pimp up your own foods.

7. Halva

Once again sesame seeds take pride of place in this tahini-based sweet that is extremely popular throughout the region. The base of this sweet is made by blending the paste with hot sugary syrup or honey and some form of crushed or sliced nuts to which a dizzying array of different ingredients can then be added to suit all tastes.


For more information on The Shuk: Israeli Food And Wine Festival, click here.

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