81unCorked excites Winelovers in Nairobi

written by Jean Wandimi 10th October 2014

As a winelover in Nairobi, you always have to be scouring for great deals on wine. If you love great bargains on wine, then 81unCorked will knock your socks off. With Christmas fast approaching, it would be a great idea to start stocking your wine cellar as early as October (You will appreciate this decision in December, you’ll see..) It seems sensible (and wise) to be taking advantage of current offers and starting to build a collection of premium wines at a discount.

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There are some great offers out there at the moment and as long as  you keep the bottles in a relatively cool (and more importantly consistent) temperature, these wines will be just as good in 3 months time.

Enter 81unCorked . This is an offer of a lifetime ,from MIA wines, that brings you the best selection of wines at a discounted rate. The wines are 25% cheaper than normal. 81unCorked is a special selection of 81 bottles of wine from around the world guaranteed to keep your palate tantalised during this festive season including a Magnum bottle of fermented Sparkling Wine and a Magnum bottle of the Chocolate Block as well!

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Do you still Need more convincing? Here are the perks:

  •  25% discount
  • 30 White Wines
  • 4 Rose Wines
  • 4 Bottles of Bubbly
  • 1 bottle of Champagne!
  • Exclusive Wines from Chile, South Africa, Argentina, France and Germany
  • Something for each palate  Dry, medium dry or sweet
  • A lot of wine for Christmas season.
  • 43 Red Wines

The total cost of this offer is 130,000 includingVAT, DUTY & delivery to your door for people in Nairobi. Please note that if you prefer to buy one bottle it will be at the normal retail price. For you to be part of this offer, you must buy the whole package. For more information, email sales@miainternational.co.ke. and visit this page to see the wine varieties.

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