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written by Meera Vadgama 27th November 2018

Meera is a fitness freak who loves food and looking at the world through rose tinted glasses. She explores trends that she’s fangirling over right now plus helpful tips for those of you seeking to get into a healthier lifestyle!

Superfood powders which also double as amazing natural food colour :


I love using turmeric at the slightest hint of a cold coming on. I keep a jar of fresh chopped turmeric in the fridge, preserved in pure lemon juice and salt.


Derived from the green tea plant by plucking off only the top couple of tender leaves, Matcha is a vibrant green and adds an enchanted vibe to your food.

Pitaya Powder

My favourite of all because of the shocking pink it adds to food. This pretty powder is good for reducing sugar spikes in your body after eating and for anti aging.

Mylk & Cheese Variants

It’s great to see more options for those that may be suffering from dairy allergies/ intolerances and the mylks range from soy, rice, oat, almond, hazelnut and coconut. Even if you aren’t allergic it makes a great change in taste to switch up your breakfast mylk or the cheese you grate over your pasta.


So simple, so good. Literally all it is is frozen bananas blended in your food processor to create this thick and creamy fluff! My favorite is two frozen bananas, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 1 tablespoon of cacao powder and a splash of mylk. Blend in your food processor and voila! Guilt free ice cream in minutes!

Bowls Bowls Bowls!

One of my favourite trends is adding everything to a bowl and making it a full nourishing meal. Smoothie bowls in the morning, loaded with a tasty fruity smoothie, topped with granola, nuts and seeds and lots of berries. So good, tasty and satisfying! Lunch time Buddha bowls and poke bowls are fun too.


It’s the liquid that you get in a tin of chickpeas. Reserved and used in place of eggs for many dishes, including cakes and breads and the most wonderful are a vegan meringue. Whisked to form stiff peaks, and baked on a low temperature and you have macaroons without any egg! any egg!

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