A healthy meal plan for Ramadan

written by EatOut 25th June 2014

These healthy meal ideas will give you a varied and balanced diet during Ramadan. They include ingredients from the major five food groups.

orange juice


Fluids (water and juices) and dates should be added to each Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (dinner – the meal which ends the day’s fast). The fast is broken with dates, followed by dinner.



Suhoor: a bowl of porridge with milk, one slice of toast and a handful of unsalted nuts




Iftar: pitta bread with chicken, salad and hummus and one or two pieces of baklava

Pita bread with chicken



Iftar: chicken with boiled rice, vegetable curry and mixed salad, followed by fruit salad with single cream



Suhoor: a bowl of shredded wheat or muesli and a pear or orange




Iftar: baked fish with roasted vegetables, or fish curry with rice followed by sweet vermicelli or one piece of jalebi (an Indian sweet)



Suhoor: cheese, then one teaspoon of jam with crackers or toast, and a handful of dried fruits




Iftar: pasta cooked with vegetables and chicken or fish, and a slice of plain cake with custard




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