A Village Kiddie Easter

written by Wendy Watta 26th March 2015

Calling all little hoppers!


The Village Market has planned ‘A Village Kiddie Easter’ for all those special village kids and capital kids out there. What better way to spend Easter than by participating in loads of fun activities like egg decoration, kids cooking classes, an egg hunt, dancing competitions, arts and crafts and much more! If you’re in Nairobi with your kids over Easter then go, just go!

A Village Kiddie Easter

In the spirit of giving, there will also be a shoes-decoration activity, ‘kicks for kids’, whereby the kids will decorate kicks to be donated to Ahadi Kenya in support of the Jigger campaign.

Business Lunch at Village Market

Smooth Jazz At Tamambo Village Market!

Quiz Nite At Tamambo Village Market


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