A Winos Guide to a Weekend Escape

written by Yummy Team 7th March 2019

The weekday is almost coming to an end when you suddenly remember you have an upcoming trip, but you haven’t bought anything for the weekend yet! Where to start? Here is a list of essential things to get as a wino for that fulfilling weekend getaway.

1. Bottles on Bottles

This is definitely a no brainer. Stocking on enough wine bottles to get you through the weekend is more of a requirement than a necessity for a wino.

2. Unbreakable Wine Glasses

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One can never be too careful especially if a weekend getaway turns out to be a party weekend with a group of friends. The last thing you would want is to lose your favourite wine glass that gets you through those rough days. Instead, buy a number of plastic wine glasses that will withstand a fall, and if any gets lost, there are no regrets.

3. Book, Wine and Chill

Nothing can be quite as satisfying as a good glass of wine accompanied by a book during a relaxed and calm afternoon under the shelter of trees or while enjoying the ocean breeze.

4. Wine-Infused Coffee

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What’s better than a cup of coffee you ask? Well, I’d like to think it’s – or following a winos perspective – wine-infused coffee. At times you need that extra nudge in the morning to get you going for the day and wine infused coffee will do the trick.

5. Wine2Go

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Simply pour a bottle of wine into your wine2Go container and you are set for the day’s activities. It’s light and compact to carry.


As a wino, what are some essential things

you cannot fail to carry during a weekend trip? 

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