Adega’s Delicious Vegetarian Menu

written by Jean Wandimi 27th October 2014

Being a vegetarian in Nairobi can sometimes be tough. It’s always tricky finding that perfect spot where you and your non-veggie friends can leave satisfied. Adega Restaurant has the answer to this problem. They’re offering a delicious and diverse vegetarian menu that will even tempt meat-lovers. Here’s a peak at what you can enjoy:

Mushroom Rice: Fragrant basmati rice with a tangy mix of onions, mushrooms, bell peppers: 650Kshs

Vegetarian Espadata: Vegetables, Halloumi cheese skewered and grilled to perfection, served with accompaniments: 900Kshs

Potato Cheese ball: Crumbed potato balls with Mozzarella cheese flavored with spices and fried golden brown: 650Kshs

Vegetarian Rissoles: crumbed pastry pocket filled with sautéed vegetables in a creamy sauce: 550Kshs

Empanadas: Vegetables in creamy sauce filled in Short crust pastry and baked: 650Kshs

Sweet & spicy vegetables: Vegetables coated in special batter deep fried, sautéed with a sweet and spicy sauce: 850Kshs

Peri Peri Vegetables: pan grilled vegetables in Adega peri peri sauce. 850Kshs

Vegetarian Penne Pasta: 690 Kshs

Vegetable platter: 1050 Kshs



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