African Resort International Presents Nairobi String Quartet Orchestra Concert

written by Yummy Team 6th August 2019

African Resort International (ARI) is a prestigious award-winning Fractional Membership Company and leader in offering Luxury Holiday Homes. As a way of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Nairobi String Quartet concert on Saturday 6th July was in support of the Cheza Cheza Dance Foundation.

The Nairobi String Quartet perform at the concert in support of Cheza Cheza Foundation

The foundation uniquely uses dance to create a safe space where they teach children essential life skills. The funds raised during the sold-out event allows for two Cheza Cheza locations to be open for another year. This means weekly dance classes, life skills education, snacks and drinks for over 80 children from 2 to 16 years old. Even more exciting is that they now can open their third ‘dance hub’. They are very proud of this location, while it’s their first girls-only class. It will provide a safe space for the girls to work on life skills such as self-esteem, collaboration, decision-making and creative thinking. 

 The foundation’s program empowers children in Kibera with the capacity to make responsible life choices and realise their full potential. They provide an interactive, free after-school program, and a safe space that uses creative movement to teach life skills. The organization chose to use dance because it is ingrained in Kenyan culture, it’s engaging, fun, builds community, is inclusive and it’s an interactive way to learn through moving your body.

 The Kenyan not-for-profit organization is run by Cherrelle Druppers, Co-Founder and Director, as well as Francis Odhiambo, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO). 

The Quartet which is internationally recognized was formed by David Ralak who is one of Kenya’s best violinist and is composed of some of the most talented string players; Ken Mwiti, Emmanuel Nacheri and Masala Sefu. The quartet was in collaboration with guest performers who include Doreen Ziegler who has performed in several concerts with local artists, mostly for charity organisations, Ethan Murenga Kiama who is the original composer of ‘The Scarlet ’ and Dan Abissi who is a member of AdHoc band. 

Cheza Cheza Foundation kids enjoy lunch at Brew Bistro Lounge

The kids were, in turn, treated out for a Sunday Brunch at the Brew Bistro Westlands, where they were also handed over the cheque. The excitement on their faces was undeniable.

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