African Restaurants In Nairobi

written by Winnie Wangui 14th July 2015

Given that the first ‘barbeque’ may have originated from Africa, there is a possibility that cooking was invented in Africa. The continent boasts of natural dishes that are known for major nutritional benefits. Various countries within Africa have their own traditional dishes and they all have story behind it.

If you are looking to enjoy this cuisine in Nairobi, finding a restaurant that offers delectable African dishes may be difficult if you do it yourself. This is why we have come up with a list of restaurants providing dishes from all over the continent. Get your bootstraps on and join me as we travel the African culinary journey.

Le Palanka

African restaurants in Nairobi-Le Palanka

Le Palanka specializes on dishes from around the continent. Expect to find variety leaving you spoilt for choice on which African country to visit on your culinary journey courtesy of the expertly prepared dishes. They also have uniquely mixed cocktails both alcoholic and non-alcoholic that you can sip on as you wash down your hearty delicious meal.

Habesha Ethiopian Restaurants

African restaurants in Nairobi-Habesha

Visit this restaurant to sample on traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean meals served in a homely atmosphere. Expect dishes such as injera, ziltel strips, which are strips of beef pan fried with onions and garlic among other treats. The setting is also traditional so prepare to ditch the fork and knife and dig in with your hands.

Amaica The Restaurant 

African restaurants in Nairobi-amaica-restaurant

Neatly situated along Peponi Rd, Kenya dishes are prepared here with such precision, you will not want to dine on Kenyan cuisine from any other place. The restaurant has a spacious play area for children with swings and slides and is also suitable for a special outing with your loved one.


Africa restaurants in Nairobi-Carnivore

Well known for the great barbeque available, this restaurant offers tasty dishes from within Africa and uniquely roasted meats. They also serve game meat so if you fancy some crocodile or ostrich meat, this is the place to be. They also have a bar for you to sample on  their ‘dawa’ cocktail. It will most definitely be worth the while.


Africa restaurants in Nairobi-Talisman

The Karen based restaurant offers different cuisines, Pan-Asian, European and African. Their African menu specifically infuses eclectic dishes giving a myriad of experiences to diners. Total taste bud satisfaction is guaranteed at this restaurant.


African restaurants in Nairobi-Asmara

Featuring a casual, friendly dining atmosphere that makes it perfect for groups, this restaurant boasts of a carefully selected menu featuring unique combinations of dishes. They also have a children’s play area, making it perfect for functions such as parties in addition to their wide range of drinks and expertly mixed cocktails.

Dari Restaurant and Coffee Gardens

African restaurants in Nairobi

Located in a calming backdrop of an indigenous forest, encompassing leafy, green lawns, plants and flowers, this restaurant has the perfect setting for relaxing. Indulge in tasty continental dishes as you enjoy the fresh breeze of air that maneuvers through the trees surrounding the garden areas.


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Wangeci Nugi 12th September 2015 - 1:41 PM

A suggestion? Don’t bother trying Amaica restaurant. I was there last week and got terrible terrible service; we were not given menu’s after asking twice. And when we requested for drinks they said they cannot serve us. It was borderline racist. Avoid if you don’t want a bad experience!

Kenny 17th July 2015 - 1:04 PM

How about Kosewe? I comsider them an authentic african restaurant, they are the ones who brought the cuisine to the CBD.


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