#NRW2015 And After-Dinner Tea In Business Daily

written by Andrew Onyango 30th January 2015

Business Daily BD Life

EatOut Kenya has been featured in the Business Daily BD Life magazine and this week is an exciting one.

Nairobi Restaurant Week 2015 comes to an end this weekend and restaurants are reporting being booked solid all weekend.

Was it is a success? The answer to that is a big resounding yes!

Business Daily BD Life NRW

This week in the BD: Life Magazine, we teak a break and sip a cup of tea after dinner. Rooibos is a tea bush grown in the West Cape of South Africa.

It is naturally caffeine free and rich in anti-oxidants which help in blood circulation and fighting inflammation.

After your #NRW2015 meal, your waiter or waitress may ask you if you want a cup of tea. Don’t be too quick to say no. Let the good times roll. Say yes.

Enjoy a calm, and relaxing, session of tea sipping with your friends or your date in each others company.

You can find a full recipe for making Rooibos Tea in your copy of the Business Daily BD: Life Magazine on page 14 today.

You can also find a great restaurant review of About Thyme as we go into the final weekend of #NRW2015.

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