My Afternoon At Best Western’s Mezze

written by Fred Mwithiga 13th July 2015

My Afternoon At Best Western's Mezze

Once you soak in the breathtaking Nairobi view from the roof top deck of Best Western Premier Nairobi’s Mezze restaurant, you won’t want to go home. Nairobi is spectacular from the top. A scenic concrete jungle that is blossoming every new day. Couple that with their Attitude Adjuster cocktail and you have unlocked cloud nine. But that’s not enough. You will never get an ‘okay’ experience whenever you’re at Best Western. They make sure you get the premier services and some of the best food in the city. I recently had the chance to spend an afternoon at their Mezze on the deck. It’s a popular place. You’re either having a meal, a drink or piping on shisha. Whichever you choose to do, you wont be bored. You can also take advantage of their heated pool and have a swim without the weather stopping you.

My Afternoon At Best Western's Mezze

Our lunch kicked of with a vegetarian meal. I usually don’t order vegetarian meals when I eat out but there’s a first time for everything. We had Hummus, Fattoush (A refreshing mix of organic greens, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, parsley, radish and watercress with fresh thyme. Served with Garlic-Lemon-Herb dressing and pita chips) Tabulah (salad prepared with fresh parsley, mint, tomatoes, and blended with cracked wheat Seasoned with lemon) Falafel. The fattoush, hummus and tabulah were exquisite especially with the pitas we had. Everything was fresh, the lettuce was crisp, the falafel tasted rich and fulfilling – and we were getting started.

My Afternoon At Best Western's Mezze

Our next meal arrived: Spicy chicken wings with garlic sauce, calamari, crispy prawns and crispy chicken. One minute it was there, the next, it was gone. Chicken is my favorite meat and every bite I had, felt like a romantic affair. The prawns and the calamari were, for lack of a better word, great especially with the garlic sauce. Their wings are some of the best in town. I’m not making this up. The smoky barbeque sauce gave life to my taste buds. I couldn’t have been happier. We thought that was it. Until the mixed grill arrived. Loaded with an assortment of grilled lamb cubes, kebab halaby, chicken shish taouk, kebab kafta and lamb chops, this is a meal fit for two. We had ours with a side of fries and a pita. The lamb chops were delightful. They were soft to cut, easy to chew and above all, tasted great. I wrapped my lamb chops and chicken shish taouk in the pita and dabbed a little sweet chilli sauce to give it some added flare. It was a fulfilling meal. We were all ripe and full by the end of the generous meal but we still had room for dessert.

My Afternoon At Best Western's Mezze My Afternoon At Best Western's Mezze

It would be rude to leave without having some dessert so we ordered baklava (sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup) and chocolate mousse. The baklava was special and the chocolate mousse was rich and not too sweet – just the perfect way to bring the day to a close. If you’ve never been to Mezze, I suggest that you do so. Remember to carry a pair of swimming trunks too!

My Afternoon At Best Western's Mezze

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