Afternoon Tea At Sankara Nairobi- Why Not?

written by Jeannette Musembi 12th May 2014


If you’re trying to learn the unique ways of a true British customs, then, there’s nothing like having a taste of a proper traditional English afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea is said to have been invented by Anna Maria, the 7th Duchess of Bedford in 1841, who found herself hungry in the long gap between lunch and dinner. Since then, afternoon tea has become a traditional British delight that people are accustomed to.

Right here in Kenya, afternoon tea is not a foreign idea. Although it does not come with most of the fancy trimmings the British tea affords, the concept is pretty much the same. From childhood memories, I remember ‘’chai ya saa kumi’’ (4 o’clock tea) that was religiously followed in majority of households. Even up till now, many of us have continued with the tradition the best way we know how.

some of the teas on offer

some of the teas on offer

If you’re up for the ‘fancy’ version though, Sankara Hotel is happy to offer you one. Having run for a few months now, their afternoon tea is bringing back a bit of the age-old tradition to the fast-paced city life.

A classic traditional afternoon tea is served between 3pm and 5pm. Usually it comes with a hot pot of English tea and a three-tier curate stand, where the scones are placed on the top tier; the crust-less sandwiches are placed on the middle tier; and the cakes, pastries and fancy biscuits, are placed on the bottom tier.


The Gallery, home to Sankara’s afternoon tea will serve you delectable biting courtesy of French-trained pastry Chef Pascal Poitevin. And it’s not just the usual pastry selections. His yummy creations like the Norwegian salmon and prawns with lemon dill mayonnaise and cracked pepper, or the free-range corn-fed chicken with tarragon crème fraiche were a great savory addition to the normally sweet-filled menu.

Try the organic egg and caper mayonnaise with spring onion if you feel you want to keep it light and fresh.  And of course no afternoon tea is complete without some cucumber goodness. The apple and cucumber with mint cream cheese was one of my favorites from the yummy-filled tier.

For the sweet tooth, there are lots of goodies to keep you entertained; from freshly baked raisin scones with homemade strawberry jam to flavored macaroons and the classic marble cake.


The afternoon tea at Sankara will set you back  Kshs 2000, for an experience that is worth every penny. For an extra Kshs 750, enjoy a glass of chilled prosecco, because a relaxing bubbly is sure to set the mood right.

Should you have some space for dessert, try some awesome and delicious cupcakes too.

So if you ever want to experience the best of the afternoon tea tradition, you can always indulge yourself with a trip to one of Nairobi’s finest hotels or quaint tearooms.


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